Trade the Maverick Way

Maverick FX Trading is a proprietary trading firm that provides its traders with firm capital to trade. Maverick FX’s traders keep a large majority of the profits that they make using the firm’s capital.

Interview with Jon FrohlichAt Maverick FX, we focus primarily on trading short to intermediate time frames in the spot currency market. We welcome new trading associates who are trainable, committed, success-driven, and want to trade as a career with us, using our capital.

Maverick FX is structured to create successful and consistently profitable traders by providing a positive trading environment. Maverick will provide you with proprietary tools, specific rule-based tactics and methodologies, live and recorded online training, coaching, and mentoring.

Most of our traders trade remotely, in locations of their choosing on a part-time to full-time basis, enjoying the lifestyle of a trader. While a college degree or prior trading experience may be helpful, it is not necessary. Our risk controls and trading strategies foster trading discipline and confidence in our traders.

MT-Home-QuoteOur traders keep the vast majority of the profits that they generate. Maverick and its traders have completely aligned goals for success. When you reach the level of Elite Trader, you will be trading with enough capital to potentially earn over $100,000 per year. Our Capital Sharing Program is an innovation in our industry that allows our associates to significantly increase their leverage without the risk normally associated with such a benefit.

To learn more about this unique opportunity, click the big, blue “Apply Now” button to watch our brief introductory video. This video will help you determine if a career with Maverick Trading is a good fit for you.


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