Application: Step 1 (cont.)

  1. Watch the intro video and then read Basic FAQ.
  1. Complete the online application.
  1. Watch the trading video and then read Advanced FAQ.
  1. Schedule and complete suitability interview.
  1. A decision will typically be made within 2-10 business days.
Maverick FX Application
Step 1: Intro Video + Basic FAQ

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Most likely, you have a few questions. Well, we have the answers.

nextstep-basicfaqImportant! Read the “Basic FAQ” below, which should answer many of the basic questions that you likely have at this time.

AFTER you have read the “Basic FAQ” below, click the "Next Step" button (or just click here) to continue on to Step 2 of the application process.


Basic FAQ

No. Maverick FX is a private equity trading firm that trains a team of professional traders and allows them to manage their own sub-accounts on behalf of the firm.

  • Maverick FX has partnered with the best broker/dealers in the industry in order to secure the best platforms, fastest trade executions and superior pricing (commissions).
  • Unlike most firms, Maverick FX does not “mark-up” trading commissions. The firm benefits from traders’ profits and not from the cost of executing trades. Thus, we do not have volume requirements and actively discourage high frequency trading.

At Maverick FX, we align our objectives and motivations to those of our traders – generating profits in the market, while creating an ideal trading environment for traders.