Application: Step 2

  1. Watch the intro video and then read Basic FAQ.
  1. Complete the online application.
  1. Watch the trading video and then read Advanced FAQ.
  1. Schedule and complete suitability interview.
  1. A decision will typically be made within 2-10 business days.
Maverick FX Application
Step 2: Apply Online

Now that you have watched the Maverick FX video and read the Basic FAQ in Step 1, you are ready to complete the “New Trader Application” below.

Please be honest and as thorough as possible. Detail your trading experience and personal information so that our professional recruiters will be able to effectively help you through the recruiting process.

Complete the entire application below, then click the “Submit to Maverick” button.

After you click the “Submit to Maverick” button, you will be directed to a 48-minute video that will detail Maverick’s trading system and methodologies, risk management techniques and our revered Capital Sharing Program. You will also meet some of the traders of the firm, who will be working directly with you after you join.