We Support our traders.

Once our traders pass a few tests, they gain access to firm capital
– from over $100,000 initially (leveraged) to millions at the highest levels.

As a Maverick FX trader, you have Unlimited Earnings Potential

We are so confident in our traders and our qualification program that we back our traders with substantial trading capital to maximize profits.

By giving our traders access to more capital, we give them better flexibility in their trading and greater than average profit potential.

Maverick FX’s Capital Sharing Program is an innovation in our industry that allows our traders to significantly increase their leverage without the risk normally associated with such a benefit.

Financial Steps
Pie Chart 80-20 Split
Our Traders Do Not Get Nickel and Dimed

Most prop firms institute high-frequency trading since they make a piece of every spread and every commission. While they don’t want their traders to lose, they are more concerned about the number of times that their traders “click the button” rather than their traders’ actual profits.

This is an inherent flaw and a huge disadvantage to the trader! So, we structured Maverick FX to share equitably in trader profits rather than spreads and trade executions. At Maverick FX, there are absolutely NO markups in bid/ask spreads.

In fact, our traders keep 70-80% of the profits that they make trading our money!

Where Would You Rather Trade?

Our Goals are aligned with our traders

Profit disbursements are made monthly to our traders. We encourage all of our traders run their trading as a business and, thus, take advantage of all of the benefits of having a business for tax purposes.

EXAMPLE: As one of our traders, if you earned $10,000 in profits in the March period and were on a 75% profit split, then you could receive a disbursement of $7,500 for that month! Or, you may choose to keep some or all of your profits for additional trading capital.

Maverick Capital Sharing Program

Increases in access to firm capital are granted based on each trader’s trading performance, profit splits shared with the company, and risk profile of past trading activity.

As most traders know, the bigger the buying power…the bigger the potential profits.

This extra potential is earned via "consistency" more than anything else. We are looking for consistency married with low draw-downs and/or small account swings. Some of our traders don't experience a losing month in an entire year.

Level advancement is made via management approval.


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