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2017 FX Mid-Year Review

It is always beneficial to pause periodically and analyze your trading performance, win/loss percentages, reward/risk ratios and risk-adjusted measure of return (Sharpe Ratio). Without looking back and analyzing performance numbers, it is hard to improve as a trader.

At Maverick FX, we do the above self-analysis every six months in a live class. We also make our predictions for the coming six months, including major trends and best/worst currencies.

2016 Year In Review

Professional traders understand that trading as a profession is all about yearly returns, not daily results. In this archived video, we look back at a profitable 2016 at Maverick FX.

Maverick FX’s head traders also make their predictions for 2017 and discuss the major themes of the markets and possible trading opportunities.

FX Marketplace Hours

Professional traders at Maverick FX understand that knowing when not to trade is just as important as knowing when to trade.

In this session, we discuss the 24-hour Forex marketplace and some of the best times to open and close positions. We also discuss what we refer to as the “Danger Zone,” which we consider the worst time to enter and exit positions.

Trading Multiple Currencies

Every single trade in spot FX is a pairs trade, where a trader is long one currency and short the other. One mistake that amateur traders commonly make is when opening trades along multiple currency pairs in their trading accounts.

When amateur traders open up several positions, they often don’t recognize that these multiple trades can either completely negate some gains/losses from a currency or potentially double/triple a position in another (leading to excessive risk).

We discuss this concept to make sure that our traders are always following proper risk management procedures.

FX Candlesticks

Candlestick chart patterns give traders so much vital information on price action that it leads to a better understanding of supply & demand, trend continuation, and entry & exit points.

At Maverick FX, we are very active with candlestick charts and patterns. We use them consistently in all of our trade setups for entry into new positions. There has been a wealth of research done on candlestick charting patterns and we share this with our traders.

Legging In Strategy

One of Maverick FX’s favorite strategies is a concept that most amateur traders find opposite to their personal trading methods. In almost every study on why traders fail, the conclusion is that they hold losers too long and sell winners too early. Most times, FX traders actually double and triple losing positions, hoping that the losers will “come back” to profitability.

In direct contrast, Maverick FX traders have strategies that will double and triple winning positions – while maintaining acceptable risk protocols – and hold winning trades as long as possible. This creates massive gains with strong moves.

Fibonacci Extensions

Charting is the basis of all trading at Maverick FX. Our traders are required to understand basic, intermediate and advanced trading principles. Fibonacci Extensions are proven mathematical points on a chart that our traders use for entries, targets and exit strategies.

In this session, we cover the basics of the Fibonacci sequence and how it can be applied to charting and trading.

Trading Story

Jon Frohlich:
Remote Prop Trading (AUDIO ONLY PODCAST)

Jon Frohlich, principal at Maverick FX, was interviewed by the well-regarded trading podcast, Trading Story. Highlights from the AUDIO podcast include:

  • Proprietary trading
  • Trade only if you have a passion for it
  • Directional trading
  • Protecting yourself from things that affect the market that you have no control over

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