We Support our traders.

Once our traders pass a few tests, they gain access to firm capital
– from over $100,000 initially (leveraged) to millions at the highest levels.


No. Maverick FX is a private equity trading firm that trains and allows a team of professional traders to manage and trade its own brokerage account.

  • Maverick FX’s traders are brought in as traders and given trading authority to trade the firm’s account for the benefit of the firm.
  • Maverick has partnered with some of the biggest firms in the business to provide our traders the absolute best in software, trade execution and superior pricing (commissions).
  • Unlike most proprietary trading firms, Maverick FX does not add a “mark-up” to your trading commissions – in the firm's account, we strictly profit from the profits that our traders generate.

Because of this, we do not have volume requirements and actively discourage high frequency trading. This makes our objectives and motivations the same as our traders…generating profits in the market.

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