Welcome to your new trading community

At Maverick FX Trading, we love to add motivated, teachable, future professional traders to our family. We want everything to run smoothly for you as you get comfortable with our website, instructors, and our training program. We will email you a unique username and password that you will use to access the MaverickFX member’s area. This area is where you will sign up for your live classes using the colored calendar and access all recorded classes.

Once you have logged into the members area at www.maverickfx.com, you will have new choices in the navigation bar. The member’s area is very easy to use and navigate, but we have created a short video teaching you how to use and navigate the website. The home page of the member’s area has a “Road Map” of your training program and the steps to take in specific order. The first video you will find will be an intro to how to navigate the www.maverickfx.com member’s area. You can also find the video in the recorded sessions/special sessions area.

If you click on Live Classes, you will see our class calendar for the next two months. Simply click on any class you are interested in attending and a registration window will appear giving you more information on the class contents (session number, subject matter, time, etc.) and a register button. Simply fill out the registration information with your first/last name and email address and you will be registered. At that time, our partners at iLINC will send you notification that you have been registered. iLINC will also send you a reminder email 24 hours before your class starts. You will love our instructors as they take time after each class in a question and answer session. You do not need a microphone/headset to hear the class, but you will need speakers. Here is the recommended order for classes.

  • · FX 101 (getting started in Forex trading)
  • · FX Foundations (Fundamental Scoring of Currencies)
  • · FX Master (High Percentage Chart Setups & Position Management)
  • · World Currencies (Country by Country Outlook)
  • · FX Room (Weekly Market Update)
  • · Special Sessions (We hold special sessions every couple of weeks and choose a subject topical to current market conditions)

You should register for the FX Room and Mid-week FX Room classes immediately

Videos: We record all our live sessions and post them to our website for students who could not attend the live session. Currently, there is a library of hundreds of full-length videos you can watch at your convenience. The videos are organized by class and session number.

If you click on Currency Board, you will see our current outlook for each currency with a fundamental write-up on current events surrounding that currency and any potential upcoming news events. In our Trade Board, you will be able to see any current positions we have and our outlook going forward.

Manuals/Handouts. This is where to access all downloadable content. In each class, we give you material to help you to understand the principles being taught. Downloads are arranged by class and session number (similar to the recorded sessions) and should be downloaded or at least viewed before you attend your live class.

Demo/Live Trading Accounts. Once you have finished both the Forex 101 and FX Foundations classes and corresponding tests, you will be issued a demo trading account with Interactive Brokers, using the TWS (TraderWorkStation) platform that is specially set up to our trading parameters. You are welcome to set up additional accounts at Interactive Brokers in your personal name, but you will not be eligible to trade within the firm account until you demonstrate to us that you are consistent and profitable in order to access the Capital Sharing Program. Many of our new traders like to continue trading live funds while they complete the qualification program. Our traders are free to trade personal funds at any FCM or broker of their choice.

For those members who have also purchased Coaching and/or a Mentorship, we highly recommend that you work closely with us to help you orchestrate your overall training program so that it carries the greatest benefit to you. Remember, we are here to create true professionals, and the support and guidance of coaches and mentors is the fastest and most effective way to permanently apply knowledge and experience into your trading skills.

Welcome to our program and please let us know if you have any questions. Contact us at support@maverickfx.com or at any of your instructor’s email addresses. We are excited to train you to become our next Elite Trader and make you (and ourselves) vast amounts of capital from the market.