We Support our traders.

Once our traders pass a few tests, they gain access to firm capital
– from over $100,000 initially (leveraged) to millions at the highest levels.

What is the “Maverick Way”?

The “Maverick Way” focuses on high-probability trading strategies with strict risk and money management. We don’t fret over the outcome of any individual trade since we know that – over time – we will end up with a profitable batch of trades as long as the statistics are in our favor.

Our traders utilize the best trading setups, risk-management strategies, position-sizing methodology, and impeccable training, which is why we allow them to trade for the firm. However, before they are allowed to become traders for the firm, our traders must fulfill the three (3) requirements below:

Mavericks Wanted
Pass a series of online quizzes

Demonstrate understanding of the “Maverick Way” trading principles that we teach. Each quiz must be passed in the series to verify that our traders have a firm understanding of the principals of the forex market and Maverick FX’s strategies and techniques.

Create a personalized trading plan

A non-existent or poor business plan is the number #1 reason that businesses fail. Our traders are required to develop and submit a clearly defined trading plan that covers all aspects of trading from entry points, position-sizing, position management, capital management and minimum monthly goals. This helps our traders trade as a business and treat this as their profession.

Follow your trading plan

Each trader will be required to produce a trading statement from either a demo or live trading account from any major brokerage showing a minimum of profitable trades over at least two months of time. We want to make sure that our traders can successfully implement the trading plans that they develop.

3 Months from now, you will thank yourself!