What You Get with Maverick FX

Live Online Classes: At Maverick FX Trading, we believe that the best way to learn to trade is by following the path of successful professional traders. Our entire training program is designed to emulate that exact process. It offers you hands-on, live training from some of the industry’s top traders, including a range of classes beginning with our Forex 101 class and our FX Foundations class, followed by our powerful technical analysis-oriented FX Master class and our World Currencies class, where we spotlight each individual currency.

Most importantly, we hold our weekly Sunday evening FX Room, where all of our traders come together, discuss the past week and current live trades, build a trading plan for the upcoming week, and look for new high-probability setups.

Classes are typically 60-90 minutes in length and always contain a live question and answer section with the instructor. Your membership includes access to all live classes, which means you can attend several classes every week.

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Recorded Sessions: In order to accommodate busy schedules, unforeseen distractions and to allow for unlimited exposure to the material, we record every class that we teach so that you can learn on your schedule and at your pace. These recorded sessions are available to our members on a 24/7 basis. If you can’t attend one of our live classes on a particular night, simply watch the recording of it (always available shortly after the class is completed). We keep about six months of recorded sessions in our “library,” which gives you the opportunity to access dozens of full-length classes at your convenience.


Proficiency Testing: In most professions, people are required to obtain licenses and fulfill education requirements to make sure they are qualified to work in that specific field. However, in the trading world, anyone can open an account and start trading immediately without understanding the nature of trading and without the ability to control and manage risk. This is why most retail traders fail.

At Maverick FX, we require all of our traders to pass a series of online tests about the fundamentals of the Forex marketplace and high-percentage trading, in addition to having a solid understanding of capital allocation/preservation and position management. Each trader will have unlimited access to the tests and be able to take the tests as often as desired.


Real Time Trade Alerts: The question most often asked by amateur traders is, “When do I get in and when do I get out of my trades?” As all FX traders know, all currency pairs offer great trades as we know how to make money on both rising and falling values. The correct question is “What is the best currency pair to buy/sell right now based on probabilities?”

With our real-time trade alerts, our traders are alerted the second any of the Maverick FX staff enter or exit trades. Our staff will also update each trade with new exit and target prices as the trade progresses. Seeing the A-Z process of entering, managing and exiting trades is an invaluable resource for any budding professional FX trader. Every trader is expected to analyze any trade that they make in their own account under their own personal risk tolerances.


The FX Room: As mentioned above (but worth repeating), the FX Room is an absolutely revolutionary class. This weekly class is hosted by professional traders every Sunday. Each week, you will have access to the mind of a professional trader who shares his outlook of the currency markets. The professional trader will then share his trades of the upcoming week – an extremely unique opportunity to understand and analyze trades on a weekly basis.

The topics covered every week include:

  • Current Market Conditions
  • Actual Trade Setups
  • Customized Currency Trades


Manuals, Handouts, and Playbook Sheets: All classes include detailed manuals available for download. These manuals give our traders an easy way to take notes during their live sessions. In the live sessions, the instructor will share files to download as each specific strategy is explained. We also share with our students a fantastic Trading Journal to analyze their performance, financial calculators to analyze specific trades and determine proper position sizing, and our copyrighted “Playbook Sheets” that give you a simple, detailed, step-by-step checklist to making high-percentage trades.

See some of our samples below:

High Base | Bearish Power Reversal