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Forex 101

The Forex 101 class takes you into the amazing world of foreign exchange trading. You will learn the importance of foreign exchange in our everyday life and how we, as individuals, can turn this U.S. $3-Trillion a day industry into a fantastic income stream.

Everyone needs to understand the basics of the foreign currency marketplace: how it works, how you access it, and the terminology of the business. Start out your forex trading life with a strong foundation built on knowledge and understanding. The world of foreign exchange trading will give you the power to build your wealth throughout your lifetime.

The Forex 101 session details are shown below:

Session #1 – Understanding the Forex Marketplace

  • How the Currency Markets Work
  • How to Access the Currency Markets
  • Choosing the Perfect FCM
  • Tools of the Trade

Session #2 – Currency Market Terminology

  • Margin, Margin Rates, and Account Management
  • Understanding PIP’s
  • Currency Rollover Swaps

Session #3 – Practice, Practice, Practice

  • Starting With Your Demo Account
  • Analyzing Your Trade Results
  • Trade Journaling
  • Preparation For Live Trading