Investing in Education

The Essential Root of Success

FX Foundations

The FX Foundations class bridges the gap from beginning trader to sophisticated trader. As traders begin to tackle the currency markets, their understanding of the currency market dynamics will provide a solid foundation for their investing/trading lifetimes. It is essential for the currency trader to understand economic cycles, economic indicators, and economic reports, as these dynamics ultimately influences the prices of all currencies. From the understanding of market terminology, stock market fundamentals, broad market analysis, and institutional sector rotation, the investor is confident to make investments and grow their portfolios.

FX Foundations takes beginning investors through the process of making their own personal Currency Board to be able to track the underlying strengths and weaknesses of each currency, giving them trade ideas to look for. The FX Foundations class prepares each investor for a lifetime of successful trading.

The FX Foundations session details are shown below:

Session #1 – Understanding Economic Forces

  • How the Currency Markets Work
  • Trade Balances/Imbalances
  • Central Banks
  • Interest Rate Policies

Session #2 – Understanding Economic Reports

  • GDP Reports
  • Employment Reports
  • Inflation and Inflation Expectations
  • Retail Sales, Sentiment, Etc.

Session #3 – Putting It All Together

  • The Big 5
  • Building a Currency Board
  • Looking for trade opportunities