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FX Master

In the FX Master class, you will understand the visual representation of currency movement by intelligently reading a chart. The understanding of supply and demand is the key to being profitable in the currency market. By quickly analyzing trends, support & resistance points, and money flows, you will be able to enter FX trades at profitable moments and with low amounts of risk.

The FX Master class has filtered through years of technical research, giving you only the highest percentage setups in the market. In the FX Master class, you will learn how to place high-percentage trades from start to finish. You will also learn our powerful Trade Triggers that increase profitability by giving you the exact moment to enter and exit each position.

The FX Master session details are shown below:

Session #1 – Charting Basics, Position Sizing, and Order entry

  • Trading Plan
  • Trend Analysis
  • Key Candlestick Patterns
  • Understanding Support & Resistance
  • Position Sizing
  • Using stop, limit, and bracket orders

Session #2 – Time Correction (Consolidation) Patterns

  • Understanding the Entry
  • Risk vs. Reward Analysis
  • FX High Base
  • FX Low Base

Session #3 – Price Correction Patterns

  • Understanding the Setup
  • Risk vs. Reward Analysis
  • FX Bull Pullback
  • FX Bear Pullback

Session #4 – Reversal Patterns

  • The Risks of Reversals
  • Risk vs. Reward Analysis
  • FX Bullish Power Reversal
  • FX Bearish Power Reversal