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World Currencies

In the World Currencies class, you will discover the origins of each country’s currency, the organization of their central bank, and their strengths and weaknesses as an economy. The world of currency trading is becoming larger every year as the world becomes smaller and smaller. In our global economy, you must understand the underlying cultures, traditions, and economies of each country.

The World Currencies class is designed to provide a deeper understanding of each currency and a strong conviction of how to trade each currency based on its underlying foundations. It is truly a necessary class for those focused on mastering the currency markets.

The World Currencies session details are shown below:

Session #1 – The Euro

  • History of the Euro
  • The European Central Bank
  • How to trade the Euro

Session #2 – The British Pound

  • History of the Pound
  • The Bank of England
  • How to trade the Pound

Session #3 – The United States Dollar

  • History of the Dollar
  • The Treasury Department and Federal Open Market Committee
  • How to trade the US Dollar

Session #4 – The Japanese Yen

  • History of the Yen
  • The Bank of Japan
  • How to trade the Yen

Session #5 – This Swiss Franc

  • History of the Swiss Franc
  • The Swiss National Bank
  • How to trade the Swissie

Session #6 – The Canadian Dollar

  • History of the Canadian Dollar
  • The Bank of Canada
  • How to trade the Canadian Dollar

Session #7 – The Australian and New Zealand Dollar

  • History of the Australian and New Zealand Dollar
  • The RNBA and the NZRB
  • How to trade the Australian and New Zealand Dollar